Choosing the Right Fabric For Your Decor

An important element in the design of any home decor is the fabric that is used. Choosing a theme is just the beginning. Picking out just the right fabric for decorating can what decides whether or not you actually get the look you want. Trying to put together an Oriental theme with fabric that has a Victorian look just will not work in most cases. If you do not know where to start, you can take a look at some inexpensive sources of information like the Internet or home design magazines. As home decorating expenses go, picking the right fabric is a relatively inexpensive way to complete the look you want to achieve in each room of your home.

People who enjoy very elaborate designs often like following a Victorian theme. Fabrics representative of this time period would include luxurious velvets and brocade. This style of decorating also lends itself to the use of detailed accessories such as beading, bows and ribbons and other types of fancy trim. In general, this is usually a favorite of people who enjoy a more feminine look in their decor. It can be quite elaborate.

Another popular theme today is Oriental. If you have ever been to a Chinese restaurant, you may be familiar with aspects of this theme. Dark colors accented by beautiful jade and coral designs are often seen in an Oriental theme. Use of screens and silk fabrics is often seen. These are decorated, many times, with intricately detailed dragons. The dragon is often used to represent power and wisdom in Chinese lore. It is not the same scary dragon represented in European history.

The fabric you choose for any theme you decide to use should work as an accent and really finish things up while tying together all of the other elements you bring to your home decor designs. You can find a variety of fabrics at specialty stores which deal only in fabrics, or at department stores where you may be able to find pre-assembled pieces such as curtains or slip covers. If you cannot find what you want locally, you can often find specialty websites devoted to providing customers with beautiful custom fabrics that are hard to find anywhere else.

As you work to bring all of the various design elements together in the rooms of your home, you should look for ways to make the most of your designing dollars. Choosing the right fabric can be a relatively inexpensive way to achieve this goal.

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